Black holes cannot actually exist, according to mathematical proofThe scientific world is left reeling after a researcher offers breakthrough mathematical proof.

“According to her calculations, when a star collapses under its own gravity, it produces the Hawking radiation that scientists have observed. But, she argues, as the star gives off this radiation it also sheds mass. So much mass is shed, in fact, that the star loses density, and the formation of a black hole is prevented. Stars do not meet their death by collapsing into black holes, according to the proof. Rather, they swell one last time and then explode.”  
I recommend this other article (a little less sensationalist), written by an astrophycisist, about the Laura Mersini-Houghton paper : 
"This is interesting theoretical work, and it raises questions about the formation of stellar-mass black holes. But it doesn’t prove that stellar-mass black holes don’t exist, nor does it say anything about intermediate mass or supermassive black holes, which would form by processes other than stellar collapse. And of course the work depends upon Hawking’s take on firewalls to be correct, which hasn’t been proven. To say that this work proves black holes don’t exist is disingenuous at best" .


Asa Smith. Celestial Illustrations from Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy. 1851. 

Wood engravings with hand highlighting, written by the principal of Public School No. 12 in New York City with the goal “to present all the distinguishing principles in physical Astronomy with as few words as possible”.

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The sun compared to UY Scuti, largest known star.

For reference, a million Earths could fit inside the sun. That’s perspective right there, kid.

Lamborghini Diablo (by GHG Photography)

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